Learn how to replicate Priory Direct’s retention rate with online reviews

Friday, June 15, 2018
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An office of 28 staff yet a customer base of 29,000 - it's a great responsibility. Then again, it’s simple when you’re part of the great team at Priory Direct, the UK and Europe’s leading e-commerce labels and packaging supplier.

"Our competitors say they're selling a product, but we say we're selling a service," says Marketing Manager, Josh Pitman. "We're very much focused on keeping customers for life. For that to be possible, we need to deliver outstanding service.”

And that’s where online reviews come in. We sat down with Josh to talk about the benefits he’s seen from customer feedback and why reviews are essential to every business.

Key impact of Trustpilot reviews on Priory Direct

  • Click-through rate increase of 14%
  • 2.5% conversion increase
  • Measurable boost in company morale
  • Increase in customer lifecycle

‘Reviews help your reputation shine’

No one enjoys criticism. But as Josh explains, rectifying the criticisms you receive and treating negativity as an opportunity can lead to gains.

"Feedback is valuable no matter what the rating, by focusing on continuous improvement and responding to negatives you can build an outstanding reputation over time,” says Josh.

“Sure, there are bound to be a few bad apples. But when prospective customers look at the reviews on a whole, they can tell some of the negative reviews aren’t totally fair, or that mistakes made by a company are rare. Reviews actually add credibility and prevent the ‘too good to be true’ perception”

Join Trustpilot. There is a commercial gain to be had by engaging with your customers. Don’t be afraid.

Initially Josh was scared of what customers might say. Now he’s a Trustpilot advocate.

“Join Trustpilot. There is a commercial gain to be had by engaging with your customers. Don't be afraid. All the reviews you have will speak to your merits, even if you have a few bad ones to round off your reputation.”

Team building with customer feedback

With such a small team, every member of staff is notified when a new renew is submitted.

“It’s really great to get a notification that a review has come in - we all get excited about reading it,” says Josh.

“It’s helped us create a great team spirit and when we see that our conversions are increasing and click-through rates are going up thanks to online reviews, it makes our selling points publicly verifiable. That makes us all feel we’ll part of a great team doing the right thing.”

How Trustpilot is used

Priory Direct exist in a fast-moving cutthroat industry. With customers tending to stay for life, and with high order values, the team need to react to customer feedback as soon as possible and make sure to keep developing their services to keep up with competitors.

“A lot of people don’t think business consumables and bespoke printing services are industries are fast-paced and competitive, but they really are,” says Josh.

We see that our conversions are increasing and click-through rates are going up thanks to online reviews.

“In this atmosphere it’s key that we can quickly gather and share feedback. It's not only important to have a feedback mechanism to help you keep your existing customers, but to have a way to put your happy customers' feedback to work in encouraging others to join you as well,” says Josh.

To stay on top, Priory Direct use Trustpilot’s automatic review invitations so customers can easily write a review post-purchase.

Priory Direct’s TrustScore also appears in all of their marketing and on Google+ so customers know how reputable they are.

And Trustpilot’s TrustBoxes are used throughout Priory Direct’s site, guiding buyers to the checkout.

"Our customer feedback is incredibly valuable and not only shapes our service going forward; it boosts morale among staff too and certifies the excellent customer service we're proud to offer."

If you too want to start showcasing your company's reputation online, create a free Trustpilot account below.


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