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This is how omni-channel trust impacts your brand

Monday, March 19, 2018

If we start getting into the numbers of people online, the number of people using social media, and the number of interactions online every day, the numbers become incomprehensible.

Don't believe me? Well here you go:

  • There are 3.419 billion internet users
  • 2.307 billion people use social media (and counting)
  • Approximately 3.790 billion people use mobile phones

I think it's fair to say this: there is a world of opportunities to share opinions, buy and sell products and services, and more.

But with so much choice, there's a danger of fragmentation as we all have differing experiences from one another per-platform. That's why adapting to an omni-channel culture has never been more important.

As you journey into the omni-channel experience though, don't forget the value of trust. Here's why it matters everywhere.

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