BounceX uses identification to scale triggered email and personalization

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About BounceX

BounceX is a full-service MarTech solution that brings a logged-in experience to logged-out website visitors across all their devices. Their proprietary identification data provides accurate consumer identification to scale the impact of triggered email and website personalization.

Recognize website visitors in real-time, even in the most challenging environments.
Triggered Email
Proven to be the top performing abandonment email solution on the market.
Website Personalization
Provide continuity across sessions and devices to impact every KPI.

Trustpilot & BounceX

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These complementary solutions achieve higher conversion rates and increase digital revenue when used together. BounceX identifies the right time in the consumer journey to leverage reviews and social proof to increase conversions. BounceX’s ability to target visitors with the right message at the right time is enhanced by the presence of Trustpilot’s ratings and reviews. A mutual client found that site visitors are 37% more likely to convert when BounceX’s onsite experiences highlight Trustpilot reviews.

Though Trustpilot and BounceX do not have a native integration, BounceX can include Trustpilot review widgets easily in onsite experiences, cart abandonment emails, and product recommendation emails to help increase conversions.

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