Reputation Studio

Take control of your reputation inside Salesforce.

Reputation Studio is the Enterprise Online Review Management (ORM) platform consolidating customer reviews into one dashboard, automating the routing of reviews to teams, posting responses in real-time, and applying artificial intelligence to provide actionable sentiment analytics.

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Automatically create customer cases, prioritize poor reviews, and respond to win back customers.
Leverage AI to thank loyal customers, grow positive reviews, and understand true sentiment.
Capitalize on upsell opportunities from returning customers & gain valuable competitor insight.

Why Trustpilot & Reputation Studio?

Reputation Studio leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to help companies gain consumer trust by monitoring and responding to reviews from multiple locations, products, and apps from one central dashboard within Salesforce. Using text analytics, Reputation Studio is able to rate each review by customer sentiment which allows your customer service and marketing teams to easily manage reviews that are pertinent to them.

The integration


This integration enables businesses to monitor, analyze, and respond to Trustpilot reviews directly from within Salesforce. Address customer feedback, easily engage with customers, and turn negative feedback into positive experiences all within Salesforce.

This integration is developed and maintained by Reputation Studio.

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