How employment agency ASAP attracts more candidates than ever with Trustpilot

vrijdag 12 maart 2021
ASAP Trustpilot case study

ASAP is an international employment specialist. The recruitment agency operates in over 75 branches in Belgium, whilst offering a multilingual service and an international focus on talent. With Trustpilot, the team have found a way to attract more candidates than ever before. Here is their story...

Reviews are a powerful tool

As an employment agency, people truly are the beating heart of the business. It takes dedicated individuals to match the right candidates with the right employers, and with so much daily human interaction, trust is key to the business’s success.

So how do you show potential candidates that their professional future and personal information are in good hands with you? That’s when social proof comes in...

Social proof separates the good from the bad and the ugly, and is the most powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal. By proactively collecting and displaying reviews from candidates, you can differentiate yourself from agencies with a lower service level.

That’s exactly what ASAP does. The employment agency builds trust throughout its entire candidate journey by showcasing reviews at various key points on its website — it even dedicated an entire page to Trustpilot reviews!

website homepage
Nothing says 'You can trust us' better than customer reviews on your website

Nothing says 'You can trust us' better than customer reviews on your website

Since ASAP started displaying Trustpilot reviews on its website, its conversion rate — the percentage of website visitors who applied for a job or created a user profile — has increased by a staggering 22%! Of course, Trustpilot is not the only factor responsible for this conversion boost, but it’s evident, from tests that ASAP conducted, that trust is an indispensable ingredient for business longevity.

22% more user profiles

Reviews equal revenue

To measure Trustpilot’s impact on Facebook and Instagram ads, ASAP conducted an A/B test. For two weeks, two different ad variations were shown to a targeted audience: one that contained the Trustpilot logo and TrustScore, and the same ad without any Trustpilot reference.

The results are impressive: the Trustpilot version generated 140% more applicants, 8% more clicks, and 7% lower cost per click than the version without social proof! This shows that displaying a universal symbol of trust in your ads can not only increase your traffic and build trust earlier on in the funnel, but can also have a strong influence on decision-making behaviour.

a/b test results

Google for jobs

Nearly three-quarters (73%) of all job searches start on Google, according to CareerBuilder, and the search engine's role will only get more important as Google Jobs grows in popularity.

By collecting Trustpilot reviews, ASAP ensures greater visibility on Google. If a company has received over 100 verified reviews from one country over the last 12 months, and has an average rating of at least 3.5/5 stars, it qualifies for Google Seller ratings — the gold stars in text ads and Shopping ads in Google Search. As ASAP more than meets these criteria, these conversion-boosting stars are visible in all of the agency’s paid ads in Google.

ASAP's reputation is also highly visible in Google’s organic search results, as its Trustpilot business profile and score appear on Google’s first page when searching for 'asap' or ''. The search terms 'asap reviews', 'asap scores’ and 'asap experiences’ even rank the business profile page at the very top of the list in Google.


Tag with trust

Trustpilot reviews are managed and monitored company-wide with the aim of optimising internal processes and gaining new insights. ASAP does this by tagging its reviews based on relevant topics. This allows ASAP to sort, categorise and analyse its reviews in a targeted and organised way. The possibilities of tagging are endless and reviews can be tagged both manually and automatically:

  • Industry: Since ASAP is active in many areas, it tags its reviews by industry. This way, it can gather valuable insights and identify needs and opportunities within a specific market. Tagged reviews are also displayed on relevant landing pages. For example, on the page “Jobs for Drivers” you will only see reviews that contain the tag “driver”.

  • Language: ASAP also tags reviews by language, so that both the French-speaking visitors from Wallonia, and the Dutch-speaking Belgians from Flanders, get to see reviews in their first language.

  • Location: By tagging reviews by location, ASAP is able to monitor performance and tighten processes on an office-by-office basis.

A glimpse of ASAP’s international character: the agency replies in French, English, and Dutch

A glimpse of ASAP’s international character: the agency replies in French, English, and Dutch

It’s not unusual

ASAP experiences many benefits from collecting and displaying Trustpilot reviews. By building and showcasing trust, the employment agency has found an effective way to differentiate itself from competitors within an industry where trust is essential to stand out.

ASAP and Trustpilot

The above results are great, but by no means uncommon. If you want to find out if Trustpilot is also the ultimate review solution for your business, and how you can boost your traffic and conversion rate, just like ASAP has, request a free demo below.


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