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How Evri found success using Trustpilot’s Review Insights tool

maandag 4 april 2022
How Evri found success using Trustpilot’s Review Insights tool

Evri provides a range of flexible and affordable delivery options and has a mission to be the UK’s carrier of choice.

Within the UK, Evri operates a network of over 15,000 couriers and over 4,500 ParcelShops. This multi-channel approach offers a convenient and hassle-free delivery experience and ensures that more than 95 per cent of their parcels are delivered the first time around.

Evri also works with a wide range of leading retailers. With over 2.9 million reviews, a fantastic 4.3/5 TrustScore, and over 85% of reviews rated ‘Excellent’ or ‘Great’, it’s safe to say that Evri take its customers’ satisfaction very seriously.

In this case study, we speak to Gemma Dunning, Head of Customer Experience at Evri, to better understand why the business chose Trustpilot to build consumer trust, and how the team leverage online reviews as part of their marketing strategy.

Why Evri joined Trustpilot

“We chose Trustpilot as a review partner back in 2014. We wanted to grow our brand reputation and enhance our review strategy to hear more from customers, and get a better understanding of the service we’re providing. It also gives us the opportunity to show our potential customers the quality service our brand provides alongside third-party validation,” says Gemma.

“As we change and modify our review strategy, Trustpilot has been there to support our goals and momentum towards being proactive with our customers and showing more of our customers’ voice across our channels to let them tell our story.”

How Evri uses customer feedback to improve and innovate

This year has been quite a milestone year for Evri. It reported a record-breaking year in parcel delivery, heightened due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as their key workers continued to deliver to homes across the country. They also exceeded volumes that they’d only previously seen during the peak Christmas season, and executed their five-year growth plan in just five
months, whilst continuing to learn from every single review they received in that period of time.

Since joining Trustpilot in 2014, Evri has collected a whopping 2.9 million reviews. Evri implemented a wider scoping proactive strategy for Trustpilot in 2018, which contributed to the rise in reviews.

To better understand their audience’s needs and wants, Evri produces a weekly summarised report of their customers’ feedback, which is shared across the business – including its department leaders and members of its Customer Experience committee.

“Our Trustpilot ratings and reviews are an important metric of our customer service for the board and heads of departments, and it’s a great indication for our business and helps employees understand the bigger picture around customer satisfaction across the industry. A lot of our departments leverage the customer insights we collect. Everyone in the business is interested in
the performance of our reviews. The insights are always utilised in a way that provides guidance and direction for our department leaders,” says Gemma.

Evri uses Trustpilot’s Review Insights tool to extract trends and positive and negative sentiments from their reviews. This also helps them get an overview of their response rate, performance, and TrustScore.

Gemma explains:

“Every week, we focus on a different key topic and highlight our customers’ stories and experiences around this. This lets us dive deeper into specific areas to understand what’s working well and what we need to improve. It provides us with actionable insights so we can start investigating areas we need to focus on.”

Using the Review Insights tool, Evri can identify patterns which allow the team to delve deeper into the experiences raised by customers. Based on previous feedback, Evri has now placed a number of resolutions across the customer journey, including making updates to the contact page. The team are continuously working to improve service and go the extra mile for
their customers. Since implementing these changes, Evri has observed an improvement in customer sentiment.

Other Evri teams also like to use customer feedback to assist in their projects:

“Our tech team has also benefited greatly from the customer feedback we’ve received regarding our Evri App. As we’re able to pull out specific insights regarding the app, we’ve identified new aspects of the UX we haven’t uncovered before, and it gives us a great understanding of
what our customers are thinking and feeling. Our app recently won an 'App of the Year' award, and for the submission of that award we used
our Trustpilot reviews to show how appreciated and useful the app is to our users.”

How Evri showcases customer feedback

Evri is proud to showcase its Trustpilot rating and reviews across their marketing channels, including all of its social media platforms, digital ad campaigns, and client-facing materials.

Evri Trustpilot reviews example

The business actually found that ad campaigns which included Trustpilot content resulted in lower average CPCs and brought their average CPA down significantly.

Evri also uses Trustpilot’s Image Generator tool to create organic posts on social media and showcase some customer reviews. But that’s not all. Evri is also developing its strategy to incorporate Trustpilot ratings and reviews across other marketing channels, such as TV, in order to share the message more broadly.

The business also likes to celebrate special Trustpilot achievements, like million review milestones, or improvements in TrustScore, by sharing them on social media.

Hermes social media Trustpilot

Evri (then Hermes) celebrated reaching 1 million reviews on Trustpilot on Twitter

The final word…

“We aim to be an open, transparent and a responsible business seeking feedback across the customer journey, including via invitations to all our customers, as we’re keen to promote our partnership with Trustpilot as a trusted, well-respected platform,” explains Gemma.

“With the use of TrustBoxes across our website pages, we showcase that we’re a leader in consumer parcel delivery. We know that the “Excellent” badge is a great thing to be able to share, to not only earn the trust of our customers, but also to encourage customers to continue sharing their honest opinions because we take that very seriously.

Showcasing our reviews across our customer journey is also a way for us to direct customers and potential customers to our Trustpilot business profile page, so they can read all of our reviews, and use it as the official channel to share their own thoughts.”

If you’re interested in collecting actionable consumer insights, and building trust at every stage of the customer journey, just like Evri has, why not request a free Trustpilot demo?

It’s quick and easy, just click the link below.


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