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How Best Egg baked trust into its marketing and grew its CTR by 16.7%


Best Egg needed to establish trust with potential customers in the competitive personal finance industry, and testimonials on their website weren’t cutting it.


Best Egg partnered with Trustpilot and added customer content - backed by the powerful Trustpilot brand - throughout the buyer journey: reviews and star ratings in their ads, customer quotes and dedicated review pages on their website — the works.


The Trustpilot content made a major impact: for example, adding Trustpilot branding to prospecting ads produced a CTR of 1.75% — above their average rate.

If you’re looking for help with a personal loan, a company that’s “probably fine” doesn’t quite cut it.

Whenever personal finances are involved, customers need to know that their chosen business is trustworthy. The stakes feel high, uncertainty comes a little easier, and making the right decision can seem extra-difficult.

In short: trust is paramount in the personal finance industry.

Which is exactly why Best Egg selected Trustpilot as a partner to collect, highlight, and learn from valuable customer feedback.

“Once Trustpilot assets were added to our prospecting campaigns, the assets produced a CTR of 1.75%, which is above our average rate of 1.5%. Since launching the test with Trustpilot, one asset in particular is a top performer across Facebook regarding CTR, spend, and impressions.”

Abbie Cessna

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Hatching a plan

Best Egg provides flexible solutions to help people with limited savings confidently navigate their everyday financial life. They offer customers a financial wellness platform where they can get financial help in clear, certain terms (without wading through pages of size-2 legalese). Best Egg’s product suite includes personal loans, credit cards, a financial health tool, and flexible rent platform — all services that merit their fair share of customer scrutiny.

They knew that customers trust other customers above all and had started to use social proof in their outreach and on their website. But customer testimonials alone weren’t having the kind of impact that they were looking for.

So they started checking out review platforms and honed in on the one that proved to be the most recognizable and trustworthy when it came to their audience — Trustpilot.

Serving up the voice of the customer

After signing up with Trustpilot and rolling out branded reviews across their website, they noticed that it was having more of a tangible effect on how trustworthy they were perceived by customers.

Best Egg then rolled out Trustpilot-branded customer content across their whole website — widgets, testimonials quotes, dedicated review pages — the works.

They also started using review content in emails to prospective customers and new applicants, with positive results. In time, they formed a dedicated team who would reach out and offer a personal line of communication to any customers who left a negative review — with the goal of finding a solution. 

They’re a perfect example of how the Trustpilot Convert, Enhance, Invite and Support modules can help boost your business and cement your brand as trustworthy in a high-stakes industry. 

By including Trustpilot co-branded review content in their ads, Best Egg saw concrete results in their Click-Through Rates.

Steps to follow

Especially today, trust matters in every industry. Companies that put in the time and effort to earn a great reputation with their customers owe it to themselves (and future customers) to make that trustworthiness visible

If that sounds like you — give us a call. Trustpilot can help you improve on-page metrics, CTR, conversion rates, social engagement and more in a matter of weeks.

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