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How KLEIR.’s social media ad revenue tripled with Trustpilot

woensdag 3 februari 2021
How KLEIR.’s social media ad revenue tripled with Trustpilot

KLEIR. is a Belgium-based clothing brand from the city of Antwerp — home to the second-largest port in Europe.

With nearly 12,000 Instagram followers, over 1,000 Trustpilot reviews and a TrustScore of 4.8/5, it’s safe to say that KLEIR. has a great reputation among its customers.

With Trustpilot, the Belgian brand has found a way to leverage its strong customer satisfaction, and take its social campaigns and conversion rate to the next level.


Top-notch trust funnel

Modesty is a virtue — but it doesn’t sell well. Sometimes you just need the world to know how good you are. If you've worked hard to build a trusted brand, putting authentic reviews front and centre can give you an edge over your competitors. So if you truly put your customers at the core of your business, it makes sense to showcase their experiences.

KLEIR. benefits from its good reputation on a daily basis. From social media ads to their shopping cart area, with its solid review strategy and top-notch trust funnel, it turns clicks into customers like few others. This is how they do it:

  • KLEIR. showcases reviews on its homepage. Nothing beats trust at first sight.

  • Its TrustScore is visible on all product pages. It is strategically positioned below the CTA button, so visitors can click on ‘Add to cart’ with confidence.

  • KLEIR.'s shopping cart page ensures trust. Since reassurance is key for conversion, the reviews shown here can truly make the difference between a shopping cart abandoner, and a paying customer.

  • Its brand story is reinforced with social proof. The ‘About Us’ page is one of the most important pages of a website and is often visited by consumers that are interested in what you offer, but are not convinced they trust you enough to convert just yet. Since KLEIR.’s ‘About Us’ page shows its customers' approval, it is more likely to convert these visitors too.

KLEIR reviews

Clockwise from top left: homepage, product page, shopping cart page and About Us page

Social ads that pack a punch

Nowadays, no one questions the fact that social proof has a major impact on buying decisions. Nevertheless, it's wonderful that KLEIR. has conducted an extensive test that once again confirms the power and influence of Trustpilot reviews. Here’s an overview of what the test consisted of:

  • Ads on Facebook and Instagram for four weeks

  • Three ad variations: v1 with Trustpilot stars and logo, v2 with Trustpilot stars and v3 without any mention of Trustpilot

  • Requirement: unique reach of at least 10,000 people

KLEIR facebook ad

One of KlEIR.’s Facebook ads featuring their Trustpilot stars

In ROAS we trust

Looking at the ROAS (return on ad spend) of these three ads, the influence of Trustpilot is crystal clear: the two Trustpilot ads generated an average revenue of €61,73. This means that KLEIR. earned €61,73 for every euro it spent on advertising — and for v2 alone, the revenue was a whopping €86!

Variation 3, the exact same ad but without any reference to Trustpilot, didn’t even come close. This ad had a ROAS of a mere €18.83.


Ad 2 (with Trustpilot stars) vs Ad 3 (no reference to Trustpilot)

A KLEIR. winner

Click-wise, the two Trustpilot ads also won by a landslide. Variation 1 and 2 combined had a click-through rate of 0.57%, whilst the CTR of the ad without any mention of Trustpilot was only 0.19%.

In other words, people were three times more likely to click on one of the Trustpilot ads. Ad 1, showing both the Trustpilot logo and stars, had the highest click-through rate at 0.59%.


Percentage-wise, the left ad received more than three times as many clics as the one on the right.

Not all reviews are created equal

Establishing a trust funnel and including reviews in your ad campaigns can help you reduce shopping cart abandonment, convert more visitors into customers, and systematically grow customer trust.

This will only work if you take the time to learn from your reviews and improve your way of doing things, of course. So how do you do that? By maximizing transparency, preserving your integrity, learning from your customers, delivering on your promises, and showing the world you’re one of the good ones.

That’s why verified reviews are so valuable. These reviews are written following email invitations that are automatically sent after a purchase – which makes verified reviews the most trustworthy reviews out there. Consumers know that they’re written by real customers, rather than online bots, sneaky competitors, or people that were paid to leave a review.


Verified reviews are automatically marked as "Verified" on our platform

Gold stars shine bright

Verified reviews not only reassure customers, but also draw more attention to your ads and drive more traffic to your website. When you’ve received over 100 verified reviews from the same country within 12 months, with an average rating of at least 3.5/5 stars, you’re eligible for Google Seller Ratings.

Google Seller Ratings are the gold stars in text ads and Shopping ads in Google Search, and should be a must for every review-collecting company. Why? Well, according to Google, showing seller ratings can boost your text ads’ CTR by up to 10%.

Fake reviews are the enemy

Quote Peter

Trustpilot goes to great lengths and invests heavily to ensure that the reviews on our platform will always be a reliable source of information, and that companies like KLEIR. can continue to benefit from their customer-centric approach and their online reputation.

If you’d like to learn more about Trustpilot’s Trust Promise, and how you can increase revenue, just like KLEIR. has, request a free demo below.


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