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Building trust in financial services

Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Trustpilot - Building trust in financial services

The digital revolution has transformed financial services. Established finance companies used to be able to rely on consumers to trust them, but with more and more FinTech companies appearing on the market, they are now facing a wave of disruption.

FinTech startups are all about innovation and are built around delighting customers. That's why today, bigger brands have to raise their game to keep up with the competition.

London Research, in association with Trustpilot, surveyed 1,000 consumers in five different European markets to better understand consumer trust in the finance industry.

In our report, The Age of The Consumer: Building Trust in Financial Services, you will learn:

  • Where and how consumers find trust
  • What consumers expect from finance companies
  • How reviews and ratings impact consumers' decisions in the finance industry
  • How finance companies can succeed in today's competitive market.

Find out more, download your free copy below.


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