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Building trust in the home and garden sector

Monday, April 1, 2019
Home and Garden Report Trustpilot

In today's consumer era, shoppers are more savvy, more informed and more demanding of brands than ever before.

The growth in eCommerce sales has fueled increasing demand for speed and convenience, and digital has handed huge power to the consumer. The home and garden sector faces all these challenges.

To better understand consumer trust in the home and garden industry, London Research, in association with Trustpilot, surveyed 1,000 consumers in the UK and US and wrote a report with the findings.

In The Age of the Consumer: Building Trust in the Home and Garden Sector, you will learn:

  • Why user-generated content should be an essential part of your strategy
  • Why consumers turn to reviews for emotive purchases
  • Where and how consumers find trust
  • How to collect and use consumer insights to grow your business
  • Why consumer behaviour is changing and what you should do about it.

Find out more, download your free copy below.


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