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How built consumer trust by leveraging negative reviews

donderdag 22 oktober 2020
How built consumer trust by leveraging negative reviews

The company is part of the leading international group REGISTER, which, with over 2.5 million registered domains, helps more than 900,000 professionals and SMEs all over Europe in creating, promoting and protecting online identity.

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Customers are at the core of the business, according to With 88% of support emails answered within the first 4 hours, 94% of chats managed without waiting times and in real time, and over 130,000 calls received every year, aims to constantly continue to improve their customer service.

How negative reviews can improve customer service

When a negative review is left on the business’s Trustpilot profile page, reacts immediately, through a process that involves several teams across different departments, to understand what went wrong, and ultimately, win the customer’s satisfaction and trust back.

A study carried out by Trustpilot on a sample of over 1,000 European and North American consumers found that negative reviews represent an important opportunity for businesses to show that they care about their customers’ satisfaction.

According to the data emerged from the study, 68% of consumers trust a company more when it has a mix of positive and negative reviews, whereas one in three expects to receive an answer to their negative review. Specifically, 88% of consumers expect that, after having left a negative review, the company will contact them to quickly solve the issue flagged.

How handles negative reviews

This is exactly the strategy that is adopted by When a negative review is left, the Marketing team intervenes first, verifying the specifics of the customer and the product bought. Afterwards, together with the Sales and Support team, all the touchpoints between the customer and the company are reviewed. If the issue flagged is a technical one, the second-level Support team gets involved. The goal is to react as soon as possible, solving the customer’s problem and gaining back their trust.

That’s why, when Giuseppe left the following review (in italian), immediately understood that a quick action was needed.

“The management of Register has changed. They're only kind when you purchase a product from them, and are very rude to customers afterwards. I have therefore mentioned my bad interaction with them to several of my friends, acquaintances and colleagues. My license will stay unused given that, after having communicated my issues to them, they just got back to me with an email containing instructions (INSTRUCTIONS WHICH DO NOT WORK!!). One of their agents even told me that they do not manage licenses anymore, and it isn't their fault if the process doesn’t work (so does that mean they only sell licenses? What’s the point in spending money for the assistance needed when installing a license, if they aren’t able to help you out?!) IT’S ABSURD!! I won’t even wait for the expiration, I will just take away my domains, my PEC, etc. And instead, I will purchase from another provider, a cheaper and more professional one (as until some time ago, Register was). I am sure that Register’s management isn’t even aware that their call center agents answer customers in the following way: “THAT’S WHAT WE NOW DO, SO IF YOU WANT ASSISTANCE, YOU MUST PAY FOR IT!!!” negative review

At first, technical support agent Alberto got involved to find a solution to the technical issues flagged by Giuseppe. Then, Sofia, one of their customer support agents, jumped in to follow the customer step by step in the implementation of the solutions proposed.

“We believe that this type of review comes from misunderstandings and from the lack of customer autonomy. After intervening and supporting the client, approximately 80% of our customers changes their reviews and leave a better one.”
Silvia Mazzanti
Marketing Manager at

As an outcome, the trust and satisfaction of the customer were regained, and the customer changed its originally negative review to a positive one.

“Dear old REGISTER, I have finally found my ‘REGISTER’ again: the one that helps me with my issues, and does it with extreme professionalism and speed. It’s the provider I suggested to many friends, colleagues and clients, the one that, thanks to professionals who answer you on the phone, suggests and searches for the solution with you. A special thanks for having put back in place the relationship between me and the company that seemed to be doomed to end after many years, and for the excellent skills and professionalism with which they helped me solve a problem I had been having for weeks. The result? I will buy another domain immediately, and I will stay loyal to my dear old REGISTER! Have a good day” positive review

Turning unsatisfied customers into happy ones

Thanks to this approach, was able to make the customer change his review. They won his trust back and can guarantee future purchases this way. And that’s not all… by following this procedure every time someone leaves a negative review, 80% of unsatisfied customers have changed their negative reviews into positive ones.

It’s evident how online reviews impact the way consumers perceive a brand. An immediate response is crucial to help improve your customers’ experience, increase your chances of gaining repeat customers, or even become brand ambassadors. The quality of the customer service offered is what makes the difference between you and your competitors.

If you’d like to find out more about Trustpilot and online reviews, request a free demo below.


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